April 25, 2012

My Creative Space

First off, you may have noticed (or not) that I’ve removed all of my old posts from my blog. Having re-joined Stampin’ Up!, I wanted a fresh start with my blog. That being said, what better way to kick off a “new” blog than with a look at where I do my creating!!
The vast majority of my supplies are all Stampin’ Up!, but I do of course have other items that peaked my interest along the way…
If you have any questions on how I organize/store my goodies, let me know!


Jessica Taylor said...

Wowza that is AWESOME!! When can I come over to play?

Molly Marie said...

Whenever you want! I've got plenty of room and an extra "station" set up by my sewing machine... and more tables in the closets :)

Lori B fellow demo said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! Your space looks WONDERFUL! Love the "under the eaves" feel of the room. It certainly looks like there is a place for everything and "everything in it's place". Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Love your room!!!
Where did you get all your white Tombow adhesive? I can only find the blue stuff..