May 24, 2012

Goodbye, Craft Room…. for now :)

Sad to say, after I finally got my craft room organized to a way that worked for me—we sold our house. It was on the market 6 days. My craft room is all packed in boxes and sitting out in the garage waiting for moving day. I’m terrified things will get damaged out there, but we don’t really have other options right now. Leaving it in boxes in the house is too difficult with a busy two year old who LOVES to UNpack boxes. Thus far, packing and moving has been quite the challenge. We are currently going back and forth with a seller on a home, and who knows, it might be our next home- and equally, it might not be our next home.
Wish me luck on this new endeavor. I am SO excited to be moving HOME. …. now we just have to actually get a new home Smile